Converting Wave Energy into Electricity – Wave Energy Conversion

In a world ruled by fossil fuels, converting wave energy into electricity might seem far-fetched, but ocean power is gradually joining the ranks of wind and solar as a source of renewable energy. According to the Electric Power Research Institute (2005), ocean energy conversion appears to be the most promising and closest to commercial production and may be economically feasible in the near future.

The popular energy sources in the world today, the fossil fuels—including coal, natural gas, and oil, provide about 95% of the world’s total energy. However they contain many environmental and social issues.

The Environmental impact is so dangerous that the burning processes of these fossil fuels is considered to be the largest contributing factor to the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Nowadays, it is even believed that energy providers are the largest source of atmospheric pollution. There are many types of harmful outcomes which result from the process of converting fossil fuels to energy. Some of these include air pollution, water pollution, accumulation of solid waste, not to mention the land degradation and human illness.

To prevent and reduce the damage caused by use of polluting energy sources, the world began to turn to natural sources to produce energy; the most interesting and promising among them is the wave energy conversion.

Wave power conversion process is perhaps the least intrusive of all the renewable energy technologies. Wave power is very environmentally friendly. It does not create any waste, does not have any CO2 emissions or criteria pollutants, there is no noise pollution, no visual impact and it does not threaten marine life.

Although the technology is limited to coastal locations its potential impact is large because of the large concentration of population along the coasts and the compatibility of most coastal locations to the implementation of wave power. Proponents claim that the energy cost for producing electricity via wave power conversion technologies will be competitive with conventional power within a very short time.

Wave power is renewable energy which is environmentally friendly. Unlike most of renewable energy resources, wave energy can produce power all the year. The wave energy is stored in the oceans worldwide and highly concentrated near the ocean surface. As a result, Wave energy conversion will be a very competitive energy resource in the nearest future.

Ocean energy conversion has a high potential to be captured and used for generating electricity as the technology develops further. There is a lot of energy stored in waves and only a small part of the wave power is used for commercial electricity generation today.

It is clear that this is the best time for wave energy, and there are already few technologies that are ready to be deployed and which seem to be very promising, such as the ” Power Wing” and the “Wave Clapper”, of Eco Wave Power Company, headed by David Leb.