About Us

The Future

EWP’s has already secured funding for the construction of three sea wave power plants.

  • The first sea wave power plant model will be a small-scale power plant, with the purpose of proving the efficiency of the unique shapes of Eco Wave Power’s floaters.
  • The second sea wave power plant model, medium size, will be built immediately after, in order to examine all the technical components as well as the floaters in larger scale.
  • Whereas the last sea wave power plant, will be a full-size, commercial-scale, sea wave power plant with the ability to supply energy to at least 1000 households.

We believe that our revolutionary ideas will prove to be very competitive with the existent wave energy companies. EWP’s goal is to provide the world with green, clean, and economic wave energy. Join us in our mission.
structure to connect 6 floaters to test pool